Insight About Africa Millions & Tips to Play Online

Africa Millions is one of the pre-launched lotteries, aiming at enormous success in the entire African continent in terms of EuroMillions. The lottery is launched in the form, which is similar to BR Gaming of France. The African Association of State Lotteries (AALE) came into existence in the year 2009.

Africa Millions

Africa Millions Replicate EuroMillions

Many other countries have involved in the entire gaming process. The main countries, which have become a part of the Africa Million lottery are Ivory Coast, Mali, Senegal Cape Verde, Burking Faso, and Benin. The overall combined population of these countries is more than 70 million. Thus, the game receives more support and more players who play game at the highest level, making it widely popular among the people. The game received positive responses at the beginning when it was launched. 

The lottery Africa Millions was mainly based on the other most popular lottery – EuroMillions, which has earned name and fame among the people in the lottery industry and has reached to the top instantly within a short span. The EuroMillions lottery has started in the year 2004 and has grown widely across the African countries. The well-organized EuroMillions has a huge impact on the Africa Millions lottery, which was planned and executed in a similar way. Africa Millions is completely based on the entire structure of EuroMillions and the overall concept. 

Alluring Prize Structure

The main reason behind the popularity of EuroMillions is the well-defined and highly alluring prize structure. The lottery not only offers a chance to win a bigger jackpot but it also offers opportunities to win many smaller prizes. The overall chance that it offers is 1 in 24 to win any prize and it remains an outstanding option. The kind of winning terms, which are combined makes the lottery unbeatable in terms of the players of a game.

In order to play this lottery game, the player has to choose any five numbers from the set of 1 to 50. Moreover, the player can have two lucky numbers starting with 1 to 12. Even the QuickPick options are available to select the required numbers randomly. One can decide to use random numbers while purchasing the ticket.

Play Africa Millions Online

The lottery Africa Millions can also be played online. The user-friendly options and easy-to-use navigation surely helps the players in online gaming.

• One needs to have a personal account to play this online game.

• Fill the details along with the selected numbers in the Africa Millions play slip.

• Make sure you choose the required numbers on your own or using the random selection.

• Make use of the numbers and specify the play by selecting three or five lines according to the combination of numbers you have selected.

• Choose the numbers for a draw. Check the details if any discount is given. 

· Only for more than one draw, you are entitled to get discounts.

• Tickets are available for all the 52 draws in advance. 

• You cannot purchase a single draw in advance, and need to play the preceding draws.

• Once you confirm your registration and pay for the tickets, you can start your play.

• Click the option Play, once you are ready.

5 Big Lottery Winners Who Lost Everything

5 Big Lottery Winners Who Lost Everything

We’ve all heard the old adage “Money doesn’t buy happiness”, and most of us roll our eyes as we lick our lips at the thought striking it big with a $100 million lottery jackpot. But every once in a while, the notion that money can’t make you a happy person rings dreadfully true. 

In the case of these individuals and their stories, winning the lottery was probably one of the worst things to ever happen to them. These stories are tragic and should serve as a brute reminder that money is not everything in this world. 

With this said, here are the stories of 10 lottery winners who lost everything, in no particular order.

1. Evelyn Adams

While few are lucky enough to win the lottery, even fewer people are lucky to win the lottery twice. But, this happened to Evelyn Adams of New Jersey who won the New Jersey Lottery twice over the span of a few months through 1985 and 1986. The chances of this occurring are around 1 in 17 trillion. Her combined prize earnings came out to be about $5.4 million. Evelyn chose the annuity option to receive her winnings on a yearly basis. Unfortunately, Evelyn was a compulsive gambler who spent it has fast as she could it. She would also give large sums of money to her friends and family. The deadly combination of these two things led to her losing her entire fortune by 2001. At this time, Evelyn was out of money and living her life inside a trailer. 

2. William ‘Bud’ Post

William ‘Bud’ Post was born on April 5, 1939 and was the winner of the 1988 Pennsylvania Lottery worth $16.2 million. Bud chose to receive his winnings annually, which came out to about $500,000 per year. Within the first few weeks of that first paycheck, Bud had spent $300,000, and after three months, he $500,000 in debt. Some of the things he purchased with his winning money was a car lot, a restaurant, and even an airplane that he never flew. Eventually he had a falling out with his own brother, who decided to order a hit on both Post and his sixth wife and have them murdered for the inheritance money. Luckily, both survived, and the brother was arrested, although Post was eventually sued by his sixth wife for one third of the winnings.

In 1998, Post was convicted of firing a shotgun at a man who had come to his home to collect a debt on the car he owed. He was served with a 6 to 24-month prison sentence. Post was also ordered to stay away from his sixth wife after firing a shotgun at her vehicle. After the sentences, Post was last was reported to be living on a $450 monthly disability check. All six of his marriages ended in divorce and he eventually declared bankruptcy. He died in 2006 from respiratory failure, and was famously quoted as saying “Everybody dreams of winning money, but nobody realizes the nightmares that come out of the woodwork, or the problems.” 

3. Willie Hurt

Willie Hurt received $3.1 million from the Michigan Lottery in 1989 living out of Lansing. Like many, Hurt chose to receive his payments annually. After just two years, Hurt was going through a divorce and eventually lost custody of his children. He began to lose much of winning by spending it on his addiction with crack cocaine. During this, Hurt was staying with his girlfriend at a rooming house, where they went on a two day long drinking and smoking binge. After not being able to find more crack cocaine, it’s alleged the couple began arguing, and after his girlfriend was later found dead from a gunshot wound to the head, Hurt was charged with murder. 

4. Janite Lee

Janite Lee won $18 million in 1993. She decided to receive 20 annual payments of $620,000. For eight years after, she lived a good life. She moved her family into a big mansion inside a nice gated community, gave money to charities and educational causes, ate dinner with world leaders, and even had a reading room at Washington University’s law school named after her. But through a series of mysterious circumstances, Lee was forced to file for bankruptcy in 2001 with only $700 left in her bank account. It appears that much of her wealth was lost through political donations and non-strategic investments.

5. Billie Bob Harrell Jr. 

In 1997 Billie Bob Harrell Jr. used Quick Pick numbers to hold the winning ticket for the Lotto Texas jackpot worth $31 million. At the time Billie Bob was down on his luck working at for Home Depot in Harris County, Texas. Every Wednesday and Saturday he would scrape together what he could to purchase lotto tickets, normally using the sequence of his children’s birth dates for numbers, sometimes letting the computer choose the numbers for him. Eventually one of those random selections paid off. 

Billie Bob decided to receive 25 annual checks worth $1.24 each year. He used the money to buy a big ranch, a few houses and cars for many family members. He also made large donations to his church. But, Billie began to spend and loan money out at unprecedented rate, putting a strain on his relationship with his friends, children, and marriage. He and his wife separated after a year. And just 20 months after winning that $31 million, Harrell Jr. committed suicide. Some of his family members have disputed the notion that Billie could have committed suicide. Harrell has become infamous in the lotto world for telling his financial advisor shortly before his death that, “Winning the lottery is the worst thing that ever happened to me.”

Northampton County Sells Winner Millionaire Raffle for Early Bird Worth $100,000

Pennsylvania Lottery

Time is limited, for playing 4th of July Millionaire Raffle of Pennsylvania Lottery and have the opportunity to be a winner of a $100,000 prize for Early Bird Bonus Drawing, since there are only two drawings left for Early Bird.

The winning ticket number that was drawn was 00200562. This was for the seventh prize of Early Bird Bonus Drawing. Miller’s Market (Danielsville, 1362 Blue Mountain Drive) sold the ticket.

The winning number was drawn randomly from among 35,387 ticket numbers for Millionaire Raffle ticket, which were sold between 13 June and 19 June 2017.

To confirm whether your Raffle ticket won a prize for Early Bird Bonus Drawing, scan it by utilizing the ticket checker on our certified mobile app or at a lottery retailer. Also, winning numbers are present at, the Millionaire Raffle page.

Do not forget to retain tickets for July 8 Millionaire Raffle drawing. A ticket can win in an Early Bird Bonus Drawing as well as the drawing for the main game.

Where prizes for Early Bird Bonus Drawing are concerned, prizes need to be personally claimed from one of the seven Area Offices of the Lottery. It is not possible to claim by mail or at a retailer. Study prize claim guidelines and official regulations at

An overall of $100,000 for nine prizes are presented via Early Bird Bonus Drawings each week. Go to to view remaining drawings schedule.

Details of Millionaire Raffle

On July 8, just 500,000 tickets are present for Millionaire Raffle drawing. This features 6,000 cash prizes that totals to $5 million and more.

The price of tickets is $20 and these will be accessible up to 8 p.m. on the date of the drawing or until they run out. Four $1 million prizes will be presented at the drawing, four $100,000 prizes, 100 prizes worth $1000 and 5,892 prizes worth $100,
About Us

The Pennsylvania Lottery is still the sole state lottery that offers all profits to programs that assist senior residents. Because the sale of tickets began in 1972, it has donated almost $27 billion to finance property tax & rent rebates, care services, transportation, local services such as senior centers and food as well as prescription assistance.

Players should be 18 or more. Kindly play responsibly. Get in touch at 1-800-GAMBLER (1-800-426-2537) for assistance in case of a habitual gambling issue.

Go to for winning digits, regulations, winning prospects and to become part of the VIP Players Club for second winning chances. Install the official mobile app we have, follow us on Twitter @PALottery and Instagram and like us on Facebook.

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The Biggest El Gordo de La Primitiva Lottery Jackpot Record

El Gordo de La Primitiva, or simply the Spanish Lottery, is an incredibly popular weekly Spanish lottery. Its roots can be traced back to 1762 in Spain, making it the oldest lottery in existence. Drawings are held every Sunday at 8:30 with a starting jackpot of 3.6 million.

Here's everything you need to know about the biggest La Primitiva lottery jackpot record.

The Biggest El Gordo de La Primitiva Lottery Jackpot Record

Anonymous Barcelona Resident Wins 101 Million Euros

The biggest La Primitiva winner came in 2015 after 25 weeks without a single jackpot winner. Because of the massive six month rollover, a lucky player from Barcelona finally stepped forward to claim the 101,724,559 million euro prize – making it the largest El Gordo jackpot in its history.

The winning ticket was sold at a gas station located at Pere 4th Street 81 in the Poblenou district. After realizing the ticket was sold at their store, store owner Montserrat Garcia and daughter Anna Maria Mateo decided to call reporters and let them know the winning ticket was sold in their store.

The Barcelona resident decided to stay anonymous. Their winning ticket number combination was: 1-7-21-27-38-46 with a bonus ball number of 6. The odds of winning were around 1 in 139.8 million.

This lottery beats La Primitiva's previously largest jackpot payout of 67 million euros, which was won by a Sevilla player in 2013.

All About the Biggest Euromillions Lottery Jackpot Record

EuroMillions is undoubtedly the most famous lottery in Europe. By 2012, the size of EuroMillions jackpot had gone up to €190 million, although the lottery is likely to increase in future.

But currently, the hugest quantity of EuroMillions won is €190. This amount has been won twice from the 2012 jackpot cap. 

Big Winners of EuroMillions

The hugest UK jackpot winners of EuroMillions in UK include Adrian and Gillian Bayford. As tax is not imposed on winnings of UK lottery, the Bayfords, (Suffolk, Haverhill), hold the present record jackpot. This is the maximum quantity to be won from 2012, when the jackpot had cap of €190 million.

Following their win, this couple chose to have a quiet celebration. In spite of this huge win, Adrian continued running the music shop he set up from inception and developed through the years. It was troublesome running the store, however, since people harassed him for donations.

The couple said that they had a difficult marriage before the win; being under public scrutiny did not help matters.

Euro Millions Jackpot of €190 Million - Unknown Portugal Winner 

A fortunate unknown winner won a huge €190 million jackpot on 24 October 2014. It experienced a rollover six times after a latest Superdraw. This player was from central Portugal, Castelo Branco, close to the border in Spain. This lucky winner’s financial problems were over now!

€187.9 million unknown Winners from Ireland and Belgium: 

Two winners divided the third hugest jackpot of EuroMillions; one was from Dublin, Ireland and the other from Belgium in Limburg. Each was lucky to earn €93.9 million.

Today, the hugest total Belgium win is €100 million. An unknown winner claimed this in 2007. The hugest Ireland win now stands at €115 million; this was won by Dolores McNamara of Limerick in 2005. This turned her into an immediate celebrity all through Europe and among the initial EuroMillions winners.

While on the job a Mechanicsville trucker named Steven Peloquin played Mega Millions and won $91 Million jackpot

Steven Peloquin is a truck driver, he often gets a nice paycheck but it would take more than a lifetime before he would earn the amount he won with Mega Millions while passing through Pennsylvania. 

He stopped in Northumberland Country, Pennsylvania at Pen 80/Flying J Plaza at the beginning of July to buy a Mega Millions ticket. On July 21, his numbers matched every winning number and after taxes were taken he received 91.8 million.

It was a few days after the drawing before Steven realized that he had won after he checked his ticket. As he was getting ready for bed last Saturday, July 25th, he decided to check on the internet the numbers he had bought. He had won! He did not shut his eyes a wink that night he reported to officials of the lottery.

Peloquin has worked as a truck driver for the past 30 years but now he can retire earlier and definitely spend more time with his wife and family.

Eurojackpot prize of 4.6 million by a Las Vegas player

Announcing a 4.6 Million EUR pooled jackpot on Mega Fortune Dreams by the foremost digital entertainment company, NetEnt, which provides digital gaming solutions to the world’s most successful casino operatives.

This company affords Touch pooled jackpot game players a chance to win “on the go”, millions of euro through the Touch mobile version which is hosted by LeoVegas.

This jackpot winner from Gothenburg is Anita, she commented that she was in absolute shock after checking her account, and some time elapsed before she realized that she had won. She plans to treat her relatives, travel about and purchase a new car.

The winners are coming again and again, 2015 has been golden for NetEnt pooled games players, noted Simon Hammon, Chief Product Officer of NetEnt. In addition more large jackpots are being won “on the go” with our mobile content. An exceptional win for, we are happy that another large jackpot has been won.