SuperEnalotto Lottery: Latest News And Past Winners

There are many lottery services around the world, so many in fact each country has their own lotto service that they are known for. America usually has MegaMillions and the Powerball, while Europe usually has EuroMillions and the Eurojackpot. 

Spain has many as well, with one of the most well known usually being La Primitiva. Many lotteries work in not only one country, as many are found to be credible around the world. Italy has many lotteries within the country, one of the most well known, as well as the biggest, is SuperEnalotto, a lottery that draws on every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday of each week. 

This lottery is big within Italy, and it is even relatively simple for playing it. You pick two card numbers, between 1-90, with these two picks in combination out of six. Before anyone decides to play SuperEnallotto, however, they should make sure that they have checked out the latest news for the lottery service, as well as looked into the recent winners. This way, the person will get a better understanding on how to play this game, in order to maybe win the jackpot amount. 

What Are Recent News?

SuperEnalotto has been in the headlines in the past couple of months, whether it be a increase in the jackpot amount, or it be a summary of the draw, SuperEnalotto is frequently mentioned. Here are some recent happenings that have occurred with the lottery service. 

1. Jackpot Value Has Increased To 11.8 million Euros

As of May 16, 2015, the highest value that can be won by SuperEnlatto is at 11.8 million Euros. While this may not be as high as other competing lotteries within Italy, since more winners have won this jackpot, and the odds of winning are increased, this jackpot value is still good. Currently, the odds of getting all six choices correct is 1 in 622,614,630. On the latest draw which was Saturday, May 14, 2015, there were no winners of the jackpot. The jackpot will be even higher at next draw, it will be at 12.5 million Euros, which will go into effect May 19, 2015. 

2. Statistics About Number Pulls

Some numbers are pulled more than others in lotteries, and while this is pure luck, many have taken advantage of this fact to bet on these numbers. Some believe that “hot” numbers will remain constant, and that betting on these numbers could make them millionaires. The latest stats about number pulls finds that many numbers have been deemed “hot” as they have been pulled multiple times in the lottery. The most pulled number is 90 which is pulled 185 times, while the least pulled number is 88 which is only pulled 141 times. There isn't that much of a difference between the most common and the least common, so it may not be the greatest idea to go off of the “hot number” theory.

Who Are The Past Winners? 

The SuperEnalotto has made many winners, with some making several of millions of Euros in a single draw. The highest recorded jackpot value was 177,729, 043 Euros, in which this jackpot was won October 30, 2010. Since then, the second highest jackpot was reached on May 19, 2012, with that draw bringing in 94, 836,368 Euros. Though recent winnings have not reached these levels, adequate sums have been acquired by some lucky people. Here are a couple of the recent winners that have made good money off of the SuperEnalotto. 

1. Winners For May 14, 2015

On the draw for May 14, 2015, two people made good money off of the drawing. The winning numbers were 19-25-42-51-55-56, while the Jolly number was 24, and the Superstar number was 75. Two people got five matches, as well as the Jolly number, and they were able to win 92,826.98 Euros. People who won four matches without either the Jolly or Superstar got 342.58 Euros, in which 552 matched four of the numbers. 

2. Winners For May 16, 2015

For the draw of Saturday, May 16 2015, one person was able to win a lot of Euros that totaled about 315,202.45 Euros. This person was able to match five of their numbers to the draw numbers, as well as matching the Jolly number. The winning numbers were 3-32-39-65-75-76, the Jolly number was 51 and the Superstar number was 57. Four people were able to match four numbers, which was a prize of 59,100.46 Euros. Nobody was able to match all six original numbers, which will add to the jackpot for the next draw, which will occur on May 19, 2015. The next draw may host a winner who matches all six numbers, but for now, the jackpot looks like it will just keep piling up.