The Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot

Win up to $600 Million With the USA Mega Millions Lottery!

Mega Millions lottery is probably the largest multiple jurisdiction lottery in US. Winners can collected their prize as lump sum, or as annuity over a period of thirty years. Two draws are done every week and winners are announced through different mediums, including ABC affiliate station. They also have a YouTube Channel, so you could enter latest mega millions results or find their official channel and check uploads for latest winners. 

Only nine States in the US namely Florida, Alabama, Hawaii, Alaska, Wyoming, Mississippi, Utah, Nevada and Louisiana don’t have Mega Millions Lottery. If you live anywhere else, you could have a chance at becoming one to feature in latest mega millions results. Do you know some prefer picking lottery numbers based on combinations to improve their chances at winning? 

Hobbyists use a simple trick to improve their chances of making it big and hitting a spot in the latest mega million results. Basically, they use a lottery number generator or pick numbers. 

Before you begin, you must know allowed numbers for every lottery ticket. The first five digits are usually unique and fall within 1 – 56. Mega Ball is a number that’s within 1 – 46 and could be the same as one among the first five digits. 

Now, for determining the first lottery number, you should find the sum of your birth date. You have to add your birth date and month to get it. So, let’s say it is 5th, August. You would have to add 5+8=13

For second part ticket number you use your age. When above 56, deduct your age from 110. If it is the same as the first number, just add 1 to get the number. So, if you are 63, 110 – 63 = 47. 

For 3rd and 4th digits, you can pick any two from 9,19,29 & 39. If you check the history of winning combinations, you can see it. For now, let’s pick 19 & 39. 

To get the fifth number, deduct the first number you've got from 56. If the number you come up with is equal to the one of the numbers you've picked so far, include 1,2,3 or 4 to come up with 5 numbers that are unique. 

The last digit will be a number between 1 – 46. To determine this, check the numbers you’ve chosen previously and if most are even, choose an odd number and vice versa. The numbers we have picked so far are 13, 47, 19 and 39. Since all are odd numbers, you should pick an even number. 

Now, you have a combination that could mean something or give you an idea of what to pick! Not that this will give you a sure shot entry into latest mega millions results; you could give this a try. Though lotteries are purely based on one’s luck, some say picking the right combinations can improve one’s chances.