All About the Biggest Euromillions Lottery Jackpot Record

EuroMillions is undoubtedly the most famous lottery in Europe. By 2012, the size of EuroMillions jackpot had gone up to €190 million, although the lottery is likely to increase in future.

But currently, the hugest quantity of EuroMillions won is €190. This amount has been won twice from the 2012 jackpot cap. 

Big Winners of EuroMillions

The hugest UK jackpot winners of EuroMillions in UK include Adrian and Gillian Bayford. As tax is not imposed on winnings of UK lottery, the Bayfords, (Suffolk, Haverhill), hold the present record jackpot. This is the maximum quantity to be won from 2012, when the jackpot had cap of €190 million.

Following their win, this couple chose to have a quiet celebration. In spite of this huge win, Adrian continued running the music shop he set up from inception and developed through the years. It was troublesome running the store, however, since people harassed him for donations.

The couple said that they had a difficult marriage before the win; being under public scrutiny did not help matters.

Euro Millions Jackpot of €190 Million - Unknown Portugal Winner 

A fortunate unknown winner won a huge €190 million jackpot on 24 October 2014. It experienced a rollover six times after a latest Superdraw. This player was from central Portugal, Castelo Branco, close to the border in Spain. This lucky winner’s financial problems were over now!

€187.9 million unknown Winners from Ireland and Belgium: 

Two winners divided the third hugest jackpot of EuroMillions; one was from Dublin, Ireland and the other from Belgium in Limburg. Each was lucky to earn €93.9 million.

Today, the hugest total Belgium win is €100 million. An unknown winner claimed this in 2007. The hugest Ireland win now stands at €115 million; this was won by Dolores McNamara of Limerick in 2005. This turned her into an immediate celebrity all through Europe and among the initial EuroMillions winners.