Insight About Africa Millions & Tips to Play Online

Africa Millions is one of the pre-launched lotteries, aiming at enormous success in the entire African continent in terms of EuroMillions. The lottery is launched in the form, which is similar to BR Gaming of France. The African Association of State Lotteries (AALE) came into existence in the year 2009.

Africa Millions

Africa Millions Replicate EuroMillions

Many other countries have involved in the entire gaming process. The main countries, which have become a part of the Africa Million lottery are Ivory Coast, Mali, Senegal Cape Verde, Burking Faso, and Benin. The overall combined population of these countries is more than 70 million. Thus, the game receives more support and more players who play game at the highest level, making it widely popular among the people. The game received positive responses at the beginning when it was launched. 

The lottery Africa Millions was mainly based on the other most popular lottery – EuroMillions, which has earned name and fame among the people in the lottery industry and has reached to the top instantly within a short span. The EuroMillions lottery has started in the year 2004 and has grown widely across the African countries. The well-organized EuroMillions has a huge impact on the Africa Millions lottery, which was planned and executed in a similar way. Africa Millions is completely based on the entire structure of EuroMillions and the overall concept. 

Alluring Prize Structure

The main reason behind the popularity of EuroMillions is the well-defined and highly alluring prize structure. The lottery not only offers a chance to win a bigger jackpot but it also offers opportunities to win many smaller prizes. The overall chance that it offers is 1 in 24 to win any prize and it remains an outstanding option. The kind of winning terms, which are combined makes the lottery unbeatable in terms of the players of a game.

In order to play this lottery game, the player has to choose any five numbers from the set of 1 to 50. Moreover, the player can have two lucky numbers starting with 1 to 12. Even the QuickPick options are available to select the required numbers randomly. One can decide to use random numbers while purchasing the ticket.

Play Africa Millions Online

The lottery Africa Millions can also be played online. The user-friendly options and easy-to-use navigation surely helps the players in online gaming.

• One needs to have a personal account to play this online game.

• Fill the details along with the selected numbers in the Africa Millions play slip.

• Make sure you choose the required numbers on your own or using the random selection.

• Make use of the numbers and specify the play by selecting three or five lines according to the combination of numbers you have selected.

• Choose the numbers for a draw. Check the details if any discount is given. 

· Only for more than one draw, you are entitled to get discounts.

• Tickets are available for all the 52 draws in advance. 

• You cannot purchase a single draw in advance, and need to play the preceding draws.

• Once you confirm your registration and pay for the tickets, you can start your play.

• Click the option Play, once you are ready.